The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act address the proper treatment of sensitive patient information and data. Specifically, HIPAA Subpart C covers the security of patient information and mandates standards for compliance. These acts establish standards for the treatment and handling of protected health information (PHI) and electronic protected health information (ePHI). PHI can be patient contact information, test results, private records, etc. All businesses in the healthcare field must be HIPAA compliant to ensure that their patient information is protected. Additionally, businesses that work with the healthcare industry or handle PHI must also be HIPAA compliant. Compliance standards address how your business should store, process, and share information, both physically and electronically.

To become compliant, your business will need to assess current sources of vulnerability within your system and address each one. These steps will include encryption, authorization protocols, and securing your servers. HIPAA protects your business and your clients. By complying with HIPAA standards, your business will demonstrate to clients that you value their security and strive to offer the best protection possible. Compliance also prevents your business from being charged with fines if your information is compromised. Adapting your business to any compliance standards can be hard but, Gratia is here to help.

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We value these qualities and strive to bring them to every aspect of our work.  At Gratia, we put our clients’ needs first and work with your business to find the custom solution that is right for you.

At Gratia, we are experienced in HIPAA compliance standards and have the expertise to assess your business, design a custom solution plan, implement the necessary controls, and manage the security of your system moving forward.

Our custom approach to managed security services allows us to create custom solutions based on the individual needs of your business.

During our consultation, we will discuss how HIPAA compliance impacts your business, other types of compliance that your business may need, and how we can best serve you.  Schedule your consultation today!